decori da parete in metallo design fiori stilizzati

A spectacular wall decoration: stylized flower design in metal

here is an environment enriched with articles made by us.

today I want to tell you about the fantastic experience with our friends and customers, who have trusted our work for years and give us the opportunity to vent our creativity.

they entrusted us with a large wall to furnish and finish a fantastic living room that was already beautiful, but they wanted to complete it with a touch of exclusivity, away from the classic solutions.

judge the result for yourself:

for this environment we reserved a series of stylized flowers, to fill a large wall, then a console in natural wood and iron was added, and a stylized iron table with glass cut into the shape of a leaf.

to complete everything, a stylized iron lamp was added.

the result is truly amazing, a warm and comfortable environment, satisfied customers, and us more than them.

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