Collection: Industrial style

In this collection we offer chandeliers, objects and furniture in industrial or industrial style, whatever you want, proposed by Arte e Luce Designers

What is Industrial Style?

Industrial style is a furnishing style that arises from the conversion of industrial spaces into homes or offices. This style is characterized by its minimalist aesthetic, which emphasizes rustic and robust materials such as metal, wood and stone.

Distinctive elements of the industrial style are exposed beams, exposed pipes and raw concrete floors. These elements evoke a raw and authentic atmosphere, reminiscent of the original industrial environments.

The colors used in the industrial style are generally neutral, with a palette that includes grey, black and white. However, deeper colors such as red or army green are also common, which can be used to create a color accent in the room.

Distinguish Elements of Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial-style furniture is often made of metal or solid wood, with a minimalist and functional aesthetic. Metal furniture is often painted black or gray, while wooden furniture is left natural or is treated with rustic finishes such as clear varnish or oil.

In conclusion, the industrial style offers a raw and authentic atmosphere, with robust materials and neutral colors. This furniture style is suitable for those looking for a minimalist and functional aesthetic, inspired by industrial architecture.

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