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In this collection we offer you modern items according to the vision of Arte e Luce Designers by angelo pagana

What is the Modern Style?

The modern style furniture and lighting is characterized by clean lines, simple shapes and minimal materials. This style of furniture and lighting aims to create a comfortable and elegant environment, eliminating unnecessary decorative elements and focusing on functionality.


Color is an important element in modern style decor, with a neutral color palette such as white, gray and black often used to create a sophisticated atmosphere. However, this decor style is also open to bolder colors, such as red and yellow, when used in a balanced way.


The materials used in modern style furniture are generally natural and high quality, such as solid wood, marble and stainless steel. These materials create an impression of luxury and durability.


Lighting has a very important role in all of this, thanks to the plays of light that can be created through illuminated bodies such as: lamps, lights, floor lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights and wall lights.

So as not to underestimate LED track and strip systems, and with the trend of home automation that is becoming increasingly popular.

Modern style furniture and lighting design is often inspired by modernist architecture, with clean lines and sinuous curves giving a fluid and dynamic look to the furniture. The simple shapes and lack of unnecessary decorative elements allow the environment to have a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

In conclusion, the modern style furniture offers an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, with clean lines, neutral colors and high quality materials. This furnishing style is suitable for those looking for a minimal and sophisticated environment, which reflects their modern and elegant taste.

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